Vivian Maier

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I have studied Maier before but I have to mention her again in this project as I find her story fascinating and very sad.  Another photographer who wasn’t recognized until after her death.  She kept her undeveloped negatives in a storage space.  She didn’t keep up the payments and her belongings were put to auction.  It is unconceivable to think she didn’t actually see her developed work.  I can’t image not wanting to see my finished work. It is said that she had taken over 100,000 images.

Maier used a Rolleiflex camera which could be operated at chest level.

Whilst Maier shot glamorous women shopping and dramatically lit buildings, many of her photos were of herself.

Look at this and imagine you had set this picture up but it’s likely you will never see the finished result. That’s the excitement for me. To get home and see how the shot has come out.

This is one of my favourite pictures.  She has captured the on-going reflection of herself and her camera in the mirror. She has framed the picture nicely.  The spirals going backwards are almost like a 60s pattern. The light it coming from windows on the right-hand side.

I’ve not seen this picture before.  It caught my eye.  It’s a great shadow photo.  Maier’s head almost looks alien-like.  We know it’s not because of the reflection in the globe.  I wonder if the placement of the globe is to do with being female and our feminine parts.