Sohrab Hura

Hura is based in New Delhi, India. He was born in West Bengal. In 2014 he was a nominee for Magnam Photos and is now an associate member. He achieved a Masters Degree in Economics. During his college years his father gave him a Nikon FM10 and his interest in photography became.


The following three books are a trilogy which focuses on his relationship with his mother. When he was 17 years old, his mother was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.


Published books:


Life is Elsewhere in 2015

A Proposition for Departure in 2017

Look It’s Getting Sunny Outside!!! In 2018

The Coast in 2018


The British Journal of Photography (in 2011) included Sohrab in its Ones to Watch list.


The Guardian newspaper included Hura’s The Lost Head and the Bird exhibition in the top 10 photography exhibitions of 2017. It was described as “overwhelming, disorienting and utterly unforgettable.”

It was suggested I look at this photographer, especially his trilogy of books focusing on his mother and her mental illness.

Well. Where to start. I am stunned that these are seen as spectacular photos.  Is this because they have a story attached? If these were my photos, I would have binned them. They are not sharp, they are badly exposed, they are like snap shots from a non-photographer.

I sometimes wonder if I can be considered a photographer or an artist because I just do not get photographs that seem so poorly taken.

These are some images from The Coast.  I liked more images from this book than the other three. Mainly because they are clear and concise. I also liked the humanity that they show.