These are a set of photos that show, close up, what aging has done to me. My face, my stomach, my eyes and my hands.

To achieve these shots, I set up my camera on a tripod and then used an app on my phone to focus my shot and then trigger the shot.

I was asked at a crit how I felt about these photos.  I hadn’t actually thought about it until then but I realised I didn’t mind. I realised I could name my faults and I wasn’t as bothered about them as I thought. This whole project has made me more comfortable with myself and with turning 50 next year.

My skin used to be so smooth and flawless. I now have red bits around my nose because I seem to constantly need to blow my nose. My ‘beauty spot’ is now less brown and beautiful! The dark mark on my cheek is my fertility mark. This wasn’t on my face until I fell pregnant with Jamie and it appeared. After I had him, it disappeared again. A little while back it appeared again and, as I’m not pregnant, I’m assuming this is a ‘you are done’ mark. No more babies for you!

I am constantly spotty – more than I ever was as a teenager. I put a lot of this down to the tablets I’m now on.

Thi is a close up of the above area of my face. I like that it shows the tiny fine hairs on my face. Also the lines and different blemishes I now have.

I’ve always been happy with my big brown eyes.  When I was younger, the only make up I wore was eye liner and mascara. It was usually brown to match my eyes. At one point I switched to blue.  The little mark under my eye is actually a small piece of blue eyeliner that has got under my skin.  It was much bluer at one point.

I don’t like the dark circles under my eyes.  And they’ve got darker over the years.

Soggy chin, soggy cheeks, spots and blemishes. I’m not a very hairy person but I seem to be able to grow hairs out of my nose and, on a good day, one really long hair out of my chin!

Stretch marks. Two versions of the same picture.  Mine are very fine silver lines and weren’t easy to photograph. I decided to try a black and white version with the clarity pumped up.

They are very abstract shots.  It could be a picture of just about anything when taken out of the context of the project.

Stretch marks are meant to worn proudly to show a woman has produced children. Great. So along with periods, childbirth and menopause, we now have… stretch marks! It’s all win being a woman!

These have never really bothered me. They are part of my story. A bit like scars really. I loved being pregnant, after the first few months it is an incredible feeling to feel that little person moving inside of you. I am so scared of the dentist yet never afraid of childbirth. Even when I decided to do it for a second time. I would rather give birth than visit the dentist!

My poor wrinkly hands.  When asked which of these photos I bothered me the most, I can honestly say it’s this one. I see younger ladies hands and they are so smooth and unblemished. I don’t like how lined  and wrinkled mine have become. This was my left hand.  My right hand is worse because last year I fell over at a gig and seriously damaged my hand.  I had it x-rayed and they said they couldn’t see a break but I think I probably did have a fracture that wasn’t visible because of the swelling. I still have quite a swollen knuckle.